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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Dropps Giveaway: We Have a Winner!

First off, I want to thank everyone that commented with interest in trying Dropps.

Congratulations to Tara, the winner of the giveaway for a 20-pack of Dropps! Tara is the mom to three children under 5; I'm sure she knows a thing or two about laundry. After she's had a chance to try them out, Tara will let us all know what she thinks of Dropps.

This is only my second contest. The first was for a bigger prize and held over a longer time, but this got nearly as many replies! I think this shows how excited people are about trying eco-friendly things in their homes. Am I wrong?


Furniture said...

Hi, I am new here. You are absolutely right. Environment friendly is the way to go. I look forward to visiting regularly and participating in your next contest.

Tara said...

I should have commented sooner but I am SO super excited! I can't wait to give dropps a try! Thanks SO much!

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Meaghan C. said...

Grady, this post IS likable. But what would be more likable is another post.:)