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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Scion Installation 4: It's a Beautiful World

Scion, the branch of Toyota Motor Company that makes love 'em or hate 'em cars, has its own art show.

"Launched in 2003, Scion Installation is a revolutionary art tour featuring work from an unprecedented collective of contemporary artists. For 4 years the tour has evolved, and each year the medium with which the artists showcase their work evolves."

This year, Scion gave the artists the theme "It's a Beautiful World", and told them to come back with their own interpretations of that theme. The result is Installation 4.

Installation 4 will feature over 25 artists in collage, painting, photography and sculpture. The opening for the Boston show will be on Friday, August 3 from 6-9PM; artists Angela Boatwright and Eye One (whose work is pictured above) will be attending. Installation 4's Boston home is Rhys Gallery on Harrison Ave. The show will run from August 3 to 18.

Rhys Gallery
401 Harrison Ave.
Boston, MA 02118

Paper Nor Plastic bag

Are you on ThisNext yet? ThisNext allows you to recommend and get recommendations for just about everything. Like most other sites, when you sign up, you can opt to get emails from them or not. I decided to let them spam me, and boy am I glad I did.

We all know the question: Paper or plastic? Neither one is a good choice.

The Paper Nor Plastic bag is a canvas bag that is miles from being "granola". With a proper answer to the ubiquitous question, you are neither cutting down trees nor creating more plastic waste, and can reuse the bag over and over. So the next time you're at the grocery store, answer "How 'bout option C? Neither."

Question: Deck Building in the South End?

Another question! This time, from Guillermo in the South End:

Hi Gradon,
I've stumbled upon your blog, which I think is a great idea.
I was wondering if you could point me to an architect or architectural
firm who specializes in deck building in Boston's South End, and who
could handle the landmarks commission approval process, etc. I'm about
to buy a place with potential for a rear deck but would like to
consult someone first.
Thanks a lot,

Wow, enough space in the back for a deck? Lucky guy in such a tight neighborhood. I would recommend someone like Daniel Sugarman, a local architect that recently finished his own South End loft.

Daniel Sugarman Design

Do you have anyone that you would recommend?

Question: Top 10 Interior Designers in Boston?

A new question came in, this time from Kristine Leavitt:

Hi there,

Great blog! Who would you say are the top 10 interior designers (*traditional to transitional style ) are in Boston?

Since it seems like you have a pulse on what happening there...thought you may have some input?

Are you going to architecture school?

Would love to get your opinion.

Thank you,

Kristine Leavitt

First, let me thank Kristine for the compliment. And second, no, I'm not yet in architecture school, but I am in school to be an interior designer. In a few years, I'll add myself to the "best in Boston" list (hopefully!).

As far as the best interior designers in the city, I'm not sure. I did a quick search, and got this "Best of Citysearch" page. And we can't forget about Boston Magazine, who does their annual Best of Boston showcase, in such categories as Interior Design and Interior Design - Kitchen.

Who would you say is worthy of the title "Best Interior Designer in Boston"?

Andrew Levine

A few weeks ago, I attended a friend's company's summer barbecue. Not quite as "cool" as a wedding crasher, but hey, free lobster on Crane's Beach in Ipswich isn't a bad day.

Another BBQ-crasher I met there was Andrew Levine. Andrew is a local painter, sculptor and freelance graphic/web designer. His website features a portfolio with work from a variety of local, national and international clientele.

Andrew is a very friendly (and obviously talented) guy. If you're looking to get some graphic design work done, look him up!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Ideal Bite

Speaking of easing your way into a greener lifestyle, check out Ideal Bite.

Ideal Bite is like Daily Candy for the eco-set. "Bite-sized ideas for the light green living" is the way they put it. Sign up for their Daily Tip, and get a new, easy to implement idea in your inbox every weekday. Or check out the Tip Library, a compendium of previous tips.

You can also sign up for their SF- or NY-specific emails. One question, though: Why not a Boston-specific one?

Voltaic Backpack

(This and the next post come courtesy of my friend Joyce, who is a great lookout for goodies that I can blog about. She also deserves her own post for her amazing photography.)

The Voltaic Backpack is, you guessed it, a backpack. I'm sure you know how to use one. This one is special, though, because the back of the pack is lined with solar (photovoltaic, hence the name) panels. You can use the panels to charge your iPod, cell phone (or combine the two: iPhone), laptop, or anything else that you can carry and needs power. You can even get a battery pack to store that solar energy for times when you're not in the sun.

Voltaic Systems makes a variety of solar bags, from backpacks to messenger bags. Solar bags are a great way to ease your way into carbon-neutral living.

Monday, July 02, 2007

University Park Lofts

What a difference an hour makes. University Park Lofts are a new development in Worcester, an hour or so west of Boston. A converted 5-story manufacturing building from the 30's, University Park Lofts offers lofts from 710 sq. ft. up to 1256 sq. ft., with 12' ceilings and new 17'x8' low e (energy efficient) windows. And the price - from $134,900 to $234,9000 - is easily half of what you'd pay here in Boston.

I'm not too familiar with Worcester, so I can't tell you about the social scene out there. Do you know what's in Worcester in terms of shopping, dining, and entertainment?