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Monday, July 02, 2007

University Park Lofts

What a difference an hour makes. University Park Lofts are a new development in Worcester, an hour or so west of Boston. A converted 5-story manufacturing building from the 30's, University Park Lofts offers lofts from 710 sq. ft. up to 1256 sq. ft., with 12' ceilings and new 17'x8' low e (energy efficient) windows. And the price - from $134,900 to $234,9000 - is easily half of what you'd pay here in Boston.

I'm not too familiar with Worcester, so I can't tell you about the social scene out there. Do you know what's in Worcester in terms of shopping, dining, and entertainment?


4rilla said...

My g/f and I have a unit at University Park under agreement, we expect to move in by the end of July.

10 of 37 units sold or reserved at this point. They are true open floorplan lofts, concrete floors and ceilings and HUGE windows, we have a corner unit with tons of windows and light.

The neighborhood is one of the most downtrodden, but you are within walking distance to Clark University and the city is doing their best to revitalize the area.

The price is right and we are happy with our purchase, we were also able to get two underground parking spots included and are paying to have our own private 200 sq. foot roof deck overlooking Holy Cross.

Anonymous said...

To add upon 4rilla's comment. I am his GF. Worcester has something for everyone. You have the bakerys and restraunts popping up in Kelly Sq, you have a few decent clubs and there is always Ralphs Chadwick Diner. I am a big fan of Ralphs' Some really great bands get there start there. I say when we are finished doing what we would like to ours, come take a look.

Luciano Bove said...

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Anonymous said...

i live in worcestr and crystal park is one of the worst neighborhoods around my friedn jus got shot over there, and inside srytal or university park wateva you like to call it are the most notorious thugs around...inside the pond are cars and even bodies...i live in this neighborhhod and everyday is a struggle not to bump into some kind of confrentation...ive been shot at right on main st.. i got to college i am not a bad guy...and clark students always are getting robbed...be safe at your loft

Anonymous said...

i was typing kind of fast please excuse mt typos...just be safe...and stay in your lofts

Anonymous said...

Just a follow up the building is going for auction since we were the last to buy a unit in July. The neighborhood is not that bad, I walk around here all the time. My guess is most of these people that speak of this neighborhood have never lived in a real city. I have lived all over the place and this is a place of wanna-be-thugs. No true harm at all.