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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Scion Installation 4: It's a Beautiful World

Scion, the branch of Toyota Motor Company that makes love 'em or hate 'em cars, has its own art show.

"Launched in 2003, Scion Installation is a revolutionary art tour featuring work from an unprecedented collective of contemporary artists. For 4 years the tour has evolved, and each year the medium with which the artists showcase their work evolves."

This year, Scion gave the artists the theme "It's a Beautiful World", and told them to come back with their own interpretations of that theme. The result is Installation 4.

Installation 4 will feature over 25 artists in collage, painting, photography and sculpture. The opening for the Boston show will be on Friday, August 3 from 6-9PM; artists Angela Boatwright and Eye One (whose work is pictured above) will be attending. Installation 4's Boston home is Rhys Gallery on Harrison Ave. The show will run from August 3 to 18.

Rhys Gallery
401 Harrison Ave.
Boston, MA 02118

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