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Monday, July 09, 2007

Voltaic Backpack

(This and the next post come courtesy of my friend Joyce, who is a great lookout for goodies that I can blog about. She also deserves her own post for her amazing photography.)

The Voltaic Backpack is, you guessed it, a backpack. I'm sure you know how to use one. This one is special, though, because the back of the pack is lined with solar (photovoltaic, hence the name) panels. You can use the panels to charge your iPod, cell phone (or combine the two: iPhone), laptop, or anything else that you can carry and needs power. You can even get a battery pack to store that solar energy for times when you're not in the sun.

Voltaic Systems makes a variety of solar bags, from backpacks to messenger bags. Solar bags are a great way to ease your way into carbon-neutral living.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great little write up! But don't forget that the battery comes with the bag. I still need to get my Backpack.... maybe today is the day?