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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Help Wanted at Hudson

Hudson, the South End "purveyor of fine home furnishings and accessories," is hiring.

According to a recent ad on Craigslist, "Hudson is looking for an outgoing individual who is comfortable dealing with customers and trade professionals. Someone who is passionate about interior design and is knowledgeable of current trends is ideal."

The right candidate will have previous retail experience, a background in Interior Design and is both dog-friendly and a non-smoker. As it is with retail, weekends are a must. The position is set to begin just after the New Year; it will be a part time position, 20-30 hours a week.

Again per the CL ad: "This is a growing store/Interior Design Business, there is a great chance for growth in both the Retail and Interior Design sides of the business."

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Have a wonderful Christmas.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Angela Liguori on Etsy

Angela Liguori, whom I've written about previously, contacted me to let me know that she has recently started her own Etsy shop.

Now, you can purchase her "custom made invitations and announcements, hand-bound books, fill-in invitations, recipe books and cotton ribbons directly imported from Italy," even if you can't get to her Brookline location.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Yale Appliance Blog

Yale ApplianceAnyone that has the misfortune to commute up and down 93 South everyday knows Yale Appliance. The Dorchester appliance store, and one of the City of Boston's first Green Award recipients,
has its own blog.

Run by Steve, a 22-year veteran of Yale Appliance, the blog highlights changes in the appliance industry, new product releases, as well as steps that you can take to make your home more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Yale Appliance
296 Freeport Street
Boston MA 02122

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dinner with Bloggers

Last week, I was invited to a group dinner hosted by a few people from GM's New Media team, including Adam Denison, who I met in September. Also invited was Aaron Tang, who writes the designverb blog, and Erin Kane and Kristin Brandt, creators of the Manic Mommies podcast.

The idea of dinner with an industrial designer, two working mothers (Erin is a PR rep, Kristin is in advertising), three reps from a corporate giant, and an interior design student seems a bit strange, but it was a great time. Everyone was excited to see the ways that Web 2.0 is connecting the world, from blogs to podcasts to even microblogs like Twitter.

Also, congratulations to GM for winning an award of excellence from the Society for New Communications Research. Good job, guys!

IDSA Boston Holiday Wrap Party

The Boston chapter of the Industrial Designers Society of America is getting together for "a night of gift wrapping, food, drinks and holiday cheer for everyone!"

The Wrap Part will be at Essential Design, a local industrial design firm. The party is this Thursday, December 13, starting at 7:00. RSVP here.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Artweek Boston

Throughout the city this week, various restaurants and bars will be giving up their wall space for Artweek. Over a dozen artists will be featured in seven events, at a different location each night (the first event was last night, sorry!). Live and DJ'd music will provide a soundtrack to the visual stimuli. For a full schedule of events, go to the Artweek Boston site.

Benedetto Imports

For centuries, the island of Murano, off the coast of Venice, has been a center for glass making. At work a few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to meet Carol Scalzo, the owner of Benedetto Imports, which imports Murano Glass.

Benedetto Imports sells all types of Murano glass objects - vases, jewelry, mirrors, and more. The chandelier pictured is in production and will be installed in the Revival Flooring & Stoneworks showroom in Hingham, MA.

Carol says she takes no credit in creating these wonderful pieces of art, but "putting them together is an art within itself." I don't doubt it!

I'm typically into more modern design than Murano glass, but between the world-renowned level of craftsmanship in the glass works and Carol's expertise in the importation and installation, I have to give my recommendation.

Benedetto Imports
Carol Scalzo
mobile 781-956-2363
office 781-255-0762

Vessel's Friends and Family Festive Frenzy

The Vessel people said it well enough...

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Dining By Design

Linda Merrill was lucky enough to take part in the preview day of the recent DIFFA Dining By Design event. It took place last weekend in the Black Falcon Terminal in South Boston.

Now in its 10th year, the Boston event was the last DBD event of the year. Take a look at Linda's write up and the great photos she took.

Also, congratulations goes out to Linda, who will be on the board of the IFDA for 2008. Way to go, Linda!

Saturday, December 08, 2007


Do you have a blank wall that could use a little art? How about custom art? Too expensive, you say? Not so with Artsetera, a new Boston-based site.

According to Artsetera's own Warren, "Artsetera is a very unique concept in that we allow the visitor to create sets of canvas wrap squares (12" x 12" x 1.5") that they can then see in a room setting and even change the wall color to match their home decor. Sets can range from 1 to 9 and customers can even rotate the squares to make a unique impression." Sets start at only $60.

All of the paintings are designed by Lincoln-based artist Amy Goodwin (who owns the first production Flatpak house!). The designs are sent to China, where the paintings are made, in a "painting factory" (Amy has a good description and photo gallery of it).

I haven't seen any of Artsetera's paintings in person, but it sounds like the attention to quality is there. Again, Warren: "We use a proprietary painting process to produce uniquely brilliant works of art. Each picture style is custom designed and hand painted in oil on canvas. We then use a proprietary process to digitize the image. The original artist then computer-enhances and colorizes the painting. Finally, the images are applied to high-quality cotton canvas and hand-brushed over for a textured, layered, unique look."

To sum it up, Artsetera seems to be good quality, customized art, at a reasonable price.

Paul Lukez "Suburban Transformation"

Paul Lukez - Somerville-based architect and Assistant Professor of Architectural Design at MIT - has released a new book, Suburban Transformations.

In it, Lukez "outlines innovative proposals for restoring sustainability and energy efficiency, as well as unique, inviting identity, to America's suburbs. He presents meticulously detailed plans for Boston suburbs Burlington, Dedham, and Revere (as well as locations in China and the Netherlands) and introduces a detailed mapping system (called the Adaptive Design Process) that gives suburban planners, developers, and residents a method for envisioning a range of dynamic futures for their communities."

Along with the book, Lukez has set up a complementary site, "a repository for design ideas and reference for suburban design and development." The book and site are meant as a catalyst for discussion on creating sustainable suburbs that have "a distinct character and unique identity."

Chris Kelly, Lukez's PR rep, told me the book is academic, yet an interesting read. He is sending me a copy of the book to review. I am quite interested to read it, both for myself and for review. Once I'm done, I'll let you all know what I think.

If you have any books, new products, or whatever that you would like me to review, please contact me.

Angela Adams Stockings

What is Christmas in New England with stocking hung by the chimney with care?

Sure, we love our traditions, but why be so, well, traditional about the stockings you choose? Spruce up that mantle with a few of Angela Adams' new Holiday Stockings!

The stockings are available in three styles: the mod-inspired Kenga (above), the playfully-circular Lulu (right), and the boxy-but-fun Corice (below).

Aside from the fact that they are great designs made by a top notch designer (so you know it's great quality), they are designed a couple hours drive (or a pleasant train ride) north of Boston, in Portland, ME.

Also, if you want to keep up to date with all that's happening with Angela and her rugs, handbags, and the rest, check out her blog.

New Bliss Home Site

Just in time for the holidays, Bliss Home, one of my favorite stores on Newbury Street, has relaunched blisshome.com.

Right on the home page, you are presented with gift options in the under $50, $50-100, and over $100 ranges. They also have adorable holiday figurines from Alessi (scroll down a bit).

As always, the store is jam packed with great gift ideas. Having won the 2007 Best of Boston award for Best Tableware, you can bet that's one product they have top notch choices on.

Bliss Home
121 Newbury Street
Boston, MA 02116


My roommate Amanda, probably the most eco-friendly person I know, tipped me off to this great new house design: the zeroHouse, designed by Scott Specht, AIA, of Specht Harpman, a New York- and Austin, TX-based architecture firm.

The tall, thin structure is completely self-dependent: It generates its own electricity via solar panels on the roof; collects its own water through a rainwater collection plane into a 2700 gallon cistern; processes its own waste in a digester unit underneath the house; and is completely automatic, "monitored by an array of sensors, and regulated by a 'house brain' that can be controlled through any laptop computer."

Not only built for efficiency, but also comfort, the zeroHouse feautres a living-room, kitchen, full bath and two bedrooms. The living and sleeping zones are fully climate controlled, with separate high-efficiency heating and air-conditioning systems.

The photos of the zeroHouse feature it alone in an otherwise humanless, nature-filled landscape. I'm sure it's meant to highlight the "off-the-grid" ability of the house, but I would love to see an entire block of zeroHouses in Boston.

(via ecofriend)

Friday, December 07, 2007

New Dwell.com

Dwell has recently launched a new version of their website. The new version is touted as giving "the site a fresh look, fluid navigation, and flawlessly showcases Dwell's award-winning editorial content and photography in a way that is distinctly Dwell."

The site is broken into five categories - Dwell Daily, Homes, Products, People & Places, and Resources - with various subcategories beneath those.

Also new is the "Design Leader" video series. So far, eight prominent archtects and designers have been featured in the videos, including Christopher Deam, Andrea Cochran, and Michelle Kaufmann (whose video can be watched in the player above). I like how each video, in just a few minutes, reveals a little of the featured designer's personality, as well as their work.

I like how, even though there is the everpresent "Subscribe" button, it doesn't feel like a website's magazine. Good job, Dwell.

Goodbye Figs and Ginger

Figs and Ginger, the husband and wife team of Elijah and Rhonda Wyman, are leaving the city behind. After being part of Boston's indie design scene for several years, they are taking off as of Christmas Eve for the hills of Asheville, NC. Luckily, the the Internet reaches even Appalachia, so you'll still be able to browse their online catalog for great handmade jewelry.

I have an uncle that grew up just outside of Asheville, and I think it's probably the best place anyone that makes "metal smithing inspired by forests".

Good luck, Eli and Ra!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Relax...it's fashion.

Or in this case, it's furniture.

You've heard it many times, "only Starck could be so bold". Well now it seems that the well-established fashion brand Dolce and Gabbana is upping the ante with their unique reinterpretations of Philippe Starck's 2004 design. The Mademoiselle Chair shown here as interpreted by Dolce and Gabbana is now being offered by Kartell as a limited production run and special edition piece, $918 USD.

Starck's design, which plays on the perception of space and shape has now been dressed in this season's hottest fabrics. These limited edition pieces are bound to make a statement and are already in hot demand by design conscious fashionistas.

For more information visit kartell.com for your nearest showroom. If you're in the Boston area, be sure to swing by the Kartell showroom located at 10 Saint James Avenue, 617.728.4442 for a look at what's hot on the runway this season.

Paper Cloud Sale

Ariana from Paper Cloud emailed me to say that at the end of the year, their online store will be closing. "Until then we're having a big sale, offering 25% off all Paper Cloud products-- hand crafted cards, journals, pillows, and lighting."

But don't worry: You can still go to their site and find retailers around the country (like Magpie in Davis Sq) that carry Paper Cloud.

Design Nearby at pinkcomma gallery

The pinkcomma gallery is hosting a one-night-only show-and-sale exhibition this Friday, December 7th from 5:00 to 10:00 pm.

Design Nearby will feature local print designers working in and on a variety of media (paper, canvas, wood, t-shirts, etc.). etcetera media, who I recently wrote about, will be there.

Curated by Kelly Smith and Ann Karash (who held the successful Wares and Wears market last year), Design Nearby is intended to be the first in a series of Design Nearby events.

It's a great way to get a unique gift for the holidays, and a great excuse to share some holiday cheer.

pinkcomma gallery
81B Wareham Street
Boston, MA 02118

Authenticity Matters

Adam Leveille, who I wrote about in May, is currently working at DWR Cambridge. He recently let me know about an event their having tonight, "Authenticity Matters".

Not only a discussion of why the authentics in their design collection are worth their sometimes lofty price, but a discussion of authenticity in general.

"Authenticity matters – in place, design, product, architecture, and in experience. Please join us at Design Within Reach, Cambridge, for a playful talk about the pitfalls of counterfeits. Peruse some of the 'best-of-the-worst' knock-offs we've found, and enjoy a slideshow of 'counterfeit experiences' – from the great Pyramid of Vegas, to Colonial Williamsburg."

RSVP to cambridge@dwr.com.

DWR Cambridge
1030 Mass. Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02138

Scott Hanning

I had the pleasure of meeting Scott Hanning a few weeks ago. Scott is a local photographer whose work currently hangs in the CW Quinn showroom. Scott says, "My work fits somewhere between photography and other art forms. I blur the photos, de-emphasizing the subject matter, which achieves a painterly effect."

Scott's photography is part of a group showing (along with other local artists) tonight for this month's Jamaica Plain First Thursday event. The event will take place from 6:00 to 8:00 along Centre and South Streets.

Contemporary Design Forum at Arclinea

A group of "Boston's building and design innovators share architectural challenges and dynamic solutions" tonight at Arclinea Boston. In conjunction with the Boston Society of Architects Residential Design Committee, the event is dubbed "The Contemporary Design Forum"

Presenting will be Katy Flammia of THEREdesign (which I wrote about previously); Jim Sandell of Carr, Lynch, and Sandell, Inc.; and Frank Shirley of Frank Shirley Architects. The event is from 6:00 - 8:00.

RSVP to rsvp@arclineaboston.com.

I hope to see you there!

Arclinea Boston
10 St. James Avenue
Boston, MA 02116

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Auction for Artists for Humanity at DWR Boston

Next Tuesday, December 4, DWR on Tremont Street will be hosting an auction to benefit Artists for Humanity, a Boston-based non-profit.

"DWR Boston is excited to introduce Artists for Humanity's latest venture, a 'green' furniture line using junk mail to create tabletops and wall art. As part of the project, the Boston Studio challenged the participating teens to incorporate re-claimed DWR catalogs into their design. Artists for Humanity (AFH) partners these talented inner city kids with design professional mentors and encourages them to conceptualize, create and market individually assigned projects. The Studio is taking part in its first ever AFH design challenge and auction. The results will be unveiled during this inspiring event. Select pieces will be auctioned the same night, and 100% of the proceeds will benefit Artists For Humanity."

RSVP to boston@dwr.com by November 30.

Design Within Reach
519 Tremont Street
Boston, MA 02116

modernpreservation for 133 Federal St

Last year, I told you about a proposed skyscraper that would be taller than the Hancock tower. I knew that Steve Belkin, the only person to submit a proposal for the site, would incorporate the adjacent office building, 133 Federal Street, that he owns into the project.

What I didn't know was that Belkin's adjacent building is the Blue Cross Blue Shield building, built in 1960 by Paul Rudolph, one of America's foremost Brutalist architects. As things stand now, Belkin has been given the right to tear down the BCBS building as soon as early next year.

Jason Hart of CUBE design + research has created an interesting proposal to preserve the BCBS building while allowing for the new tower to be built. He has created modernpreservation, a flash movie showing his ideas. I particularly like the idea of preserving the exterior of the building and melding it into the facade of the tower.

Take a look and let us know what you think!

Dabbieri Blog Contest

Last month, Dabbieri's Sonciary Honnol teased us by saying she was going to have a contest on her blog, but that we'd have to wait for it.

Now, the wait is over! Just go to the contest page and enter your email address to win. It's as simple as that.

Good luck!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Lowell Friends of Photography

Joe Varnum has been my friend since I first moved to Massachusetts over 20 years ago. After serving in the Navy and working in technology, he recognized his creative side and went back to school; he is currently in the Graphic Design/Photography program and UMass Lowell.

The Lowell Friends of Photography are a "group of students, alumni, and faculty at UMass Lowell who share a common respect for the photographic arts." They have created a 2008 calendar of the group's photos, and one of Joe's photographs, "Home", is there for July. Congratulation, Joe!

Crafts at the Castle

This weekend, skip past the mass-produced nonsense and get your loved ones some truly unique gifts.

Crafts at the Castle 2007, now in its 22nd year, will bring "150 of the top craftspeople and designers in the country for this annual major cultural event in Boston." Meet the artists and see (and buy!) their handmade clothing, jewelry, art and more.

Not only will you find great, unique gifts, but you will also be helping charity: 100% of the ticket proceeds goes to "Family Service of Greater Boston, boasting over 170 years of serving families and communities in Greater Boston... 100% of the ticket proceeds directly benefit programs for children, youth, and families struggling with emotional, psychological, and economic effects of poverty, abuse and neglect."

Local designer Linda Garriott will be showing off her custom rugs at booth #216 - be sure to say hi when you're there.

Crafts at the Castle 2007
Opening reception Thursday 11/29 5:30-9:00
Friday 11/30 - Sunday 12/02
Hynes Convention Center, Exhibit Hall B

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ooba...we'll miss you

High end modern baby furniture manufacturers are quite common these days. However, it's still not everyday that you come across products that look great and are well made. Ooba changed that. This Chicago based company started by Scott Wilson struck a cord with their Nest Collection 2 years ago. The line was featured in design publications and even picked up by Design Within Reach as part of their now defunct DWR Jax collection.

It is with great sadness that we announce that Ooba will soon be closing its doors. My suggestion, go out and snatch one of these cribs up before they're all gone. Because let's face it, there's a lot of horrible nursery furniture out there.


Monday, November 19, 2007

Long Time, No Post

Wow, 10 days and no new posts. Sorry for the silence, but between school, working a crazy amount of hours, and our new WiFi account with Brookline Wireless (New England's first border to border WiFi internet service) not liking my 4+ year old PowerBook, posting has had to take a back seat. Stay tuned though, as I have many new and interesting things I will be sharing with you over the next few days. Cheers!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

CSS and NE Design HoF

On Wednesday night I was lucky enough to get into two great events in the city.

First, at Arclinea, was the launch party for Color Space Style, a new guide for interior design. I got there early and stayed only a few minutes, but I had the chance to meet Mimi Love, one of the authors.

I picked up a copy of Color Space Style at the party. It's very compact, yet very thorough; I showed it to one of my professors, a licensed architect, and he was impressed by how much was in it. It's available on Amazon for less than I paid for it; I recommend it for architects, interior designers, or anyone interested in the field.

I stayed at the party for only a few minutes, because I had a ticket to the New England Design Hall of Fame awards induction and gala at the State Room.

Talk about packed! A sold out crowd of architects, designers, students and other industry people gathered together for a cocktail/networking party. That was followed by dinner and the awards ceremony.

The ten inductees - Richard Bertman; Lee Bierly and Christopher Drake (left); Celeste Cooper; Jeremiah Eck; Richard FitzGerald; Graham Gund; William Hodgins (above right); James Volney Righter (above left); and, Charles Spada - were quite gracious, of course, when they went up to accept their award. Let's hope I'm as gracious when I'm inducted into the Hall of Fame in 30 or so years!

A big thanks to Katie Damman, Marketing Director for New England Home, who was kind enough to send me a few photos from the night.

Friday, November 09, 2007

We Have a Winner!

First off, thank you to everyone that entered the DesignBoston giveaway of an AppleTV from Tech Superpowers. Without entries, picking a winner wouldn't be much fun!

Enough of the chit-chat, you say. Let's see who the winner is. Without further ado, a big congratulations goes out to Tina McCarthy!

Congratulations, Tina!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


A new interior design book (available now on Amazon) by local designers Chris Grimley (who runs Etcetera Media) and Mimi Love (a principal at Utile), colorspacestyle "is an indespensible guide for interior designers, students of interior design, and anyone undertaking an interior design project." I qualify as part of that list, so I'm interested in checking this book out.

The first confirmed launch event for the book will be at Arclinea tonight. Unfortunately, no times were posted for the event. If you know when to show up, leave a comment!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Chevy Malibu: The Car You Can't Ignore

Back in September, I had a chance to discuss sustainability with some GM reps and sit in the new Chevy Malibu Hybrid. Acknowledging the last generation was too tame, Chevy has dubbed the new Malibu's ad campaign "The Car You Can't Ignore". I was quite pleased to see that because, well, it's true. For a car that starts in the high teens, it's quite impressive, from its design, to power, to fit-and-finish.

One More Day!

You only have one day left - until midnight tomorrow - to enter the DesignBoston giveaway for an Apple TV from Tech Superpowers!

Be sure to get your entries in, and good luck!

Karen J Jones

Karen J Jones's paintings are being featured this month at Urban Living Studio.

Trained at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Jones uses both pastels and acrylics to "create a serenity and solitude so difficult to find in today's rapidly changing world.

'Pastels give me the soft, slightly out-of-focus look that I'm so attracted to and acrylics have a brilliance and vibrancy in color that looks and feels like oils.'"

A wine and cheese reception will be held in her honor on Thursday, November 8, from 6-8pm.

Urban Living Studio
58 Clarendon Street
Boston, MA 02116

Jill Dryer: Trees of the Architects

Last May, I featured the work of Jill Dryer, a Chicago-based illustrator and graphic designer. Just in time for the holidays, Jill has introduced her "Trees of the Architects" card series.

Featuring some of the biggest names in Modern and Post-Modern architecture, the cards take a playful twist on the Christmas tree.

Etcetera Media

Chris Grimley and Kelly Smith, a husband/wife team that are "collectively architects, interior, graphic, furniture, urban and textile designers," have recently started their own product design company, etcetera media.

Previously operating via an Etsy store selling one-off clothing, bags, and home goods, they know have their own website and online store. They also have a showroom in the South End that is available by appointment.

Their 6-pocket Wine Rack, is made from naturally renewable materials, holds (you guessed it) up to six bottles, and collapses flat when not in use.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Real Green Monster

My friend Nathalie emailed me an interesting article from Architectural Record: The Red Sox are making Fenway Park greener.

The Red Sox are planning to add photovoltaic panels and make additional green improvements with advice from the Natural Resources Defense Council. Although there is not yet a standardized way of greening a stadium, the Sox join a host of other ball clubs pursuing LEED-inspired, or LEED-aspiring projects including the Washington Nationals, Minnesota Twins, New York Yankees, and New York Mets.

I'm happy to see that many teams are finding ways to reduce energy and water use, reduce CO2 emissions, and implementing green lawn care for the fields. But other teams are going green by building new stadiums; the energy consumed building a new stadium virtually nullifies the improvements put in place. Keeping Fenway Park is probably the most environmentally friendly move the Red Sox can make.

Thursday, November 01, 2007


Don't forget to enter the DesignBoston/Tech Superpowers contest for an Apple TV!

Good luck!

Wayne Strattman: “Buck Roger’s Fantasies”

The opening reception of sculptor Wayne Strattman's “Buck Roger’s Fantasies”, a collection of illuminated, sci-fi themed sculpture, is being displayed at SOWA Gallery in the South End throughout November.

I want a ray gun!

SOWA Gallery
450 Harrison Ave #224
Boston MA 02118

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Build Boston 2007

Build Boston, the Northeast's "premier regional tradeshow and convention for the design and construction industry", is once again upon us.

Coming November 13-15, the Seaport World Trade Center will be packed with over 350 exhibitors and over 225 workshops covering every aspect of the building trade. "There's something for every building owner/manager, architect, engineer, contractor, interior designer, landscape architect and all other building industry professionals."

Besides the exhibits and workshops, there will be opportunities to meet heads of the design and construction industries, like Robert A. Murray, Chief Economist and Vice-President of Economic Affairs, McGraw-Hill Construction, who will be delivering the keynote address.

There will also be nightly cocktail parties in the exhibit space, and the annual BSA/Build Boston Gala and Design Celebration, which celebrates "young architects and the diversity of our industry." Essentially, it's a chance to eat, drink, and hob-nob with other like-minded people. You can't be all work, all the time, can you?

Boom Cabinet

If you have kids, you know how wild their imaginations are. Try and picture what their ultimate bedroom would look like? I bet the Boom Cabinet, with its exploded-then-frozen-in-mid-air vibe, would fit into a few of the little ones' bedrooms.

(via ThisNext)

mod-mom giveaway

mod-mom is giving away a Method market tote filled with Method cleaning supplies. I absolutely love Method products, so you can bet I entered!

If you don't win, you can still get the bag for free.

She's also giving away Blurb make-your-own books, 5 mineral make up kits from Whole Foods, and a mod mini rocking chair from nurseryworks.

Also, don't forget to enter my contest for a free AppleTV!

Monday, October 29, 2007

TSC Construction

TSC Construction, a Newburyport-based sustainable construction company, was recently featured on the Fox25 News.

As is appropriate for a company from Newburyport, their aesthetic is classical. "The goal of the historic restoration aspect of business at TSC Construction LLC is simple, to make all building components look as though they have always existed, while reducing the home's carbon footprint. We take into consideration all of the current features in the existing structure and replicate them, while retaining the original designer/builders intent."

TSC Construction LLC
P.O.Box 1194
Newburyport, MA 01950

The New England Design Hall of Fame

New England Home magazine will be hosting a gala celebrating the 2007 inductees to the New England Design Hall of Fame.

This year's inductees, individuals that have had a significant career in residential architects and interior design in New Englad, include Richard Bertman; Lee Bierly; Christopher Drake; Celeste Cooper; Jeremiah Eck; Richard FitzGerald; Graham Gund; William Hodgins; James Volney Righter; and, Charles Spada.

The New England Design Hall of Fame is located in the courtyard of the Boston Design Center; the courtyard was redesigned specifically for the Hall of Fame. The actual induction ceremony happened last month. Each inductee had a birch tree planted along with a plaque and their signature in mortar in the Courtyard. The goal is to eventually have a grove of trees that represent the quality of New England architecture and design.

The New England Design Hall of Fame celebration gala will be "a virtual who’s who of the local residential architecture and interior design community." It will be held Wednesday, November 7 at the State Room. Tickets are still available; a portion of the ticket sales goes to the New England Design Hall of Fame Scholarship fund at the Boston Architectural College.

DesignBoston Contest - Win an AppleTV!

DesignBoston has teamed up with Tech Superpowers to give one lucky reader a free AppleTV!

Here's the deal: I will ask you a question (below). You will figure out the answer, then email me that answer by midnight on Wednesday, November 7. I will pick one name from all of the correct entries to win the AppleTV!

AppleTV wirelessly connects your PC or Mac to your TV, allowing you to play your iTunes (or YouTube) videos right on your TV. No more trying to watch that movie you just downloaded on the little 17" monitor. Just sit back and watch.

For 15 years, Tech Superpowers has been supporting designers, photographers, students, and other Mac addicts as an authorized Apple reseller. They are "a single source provider for your hardware, software, and peripherals products," as well as the place to go for consulting, repair, training and hosting. (Something you probably didn't know: When the Apple Store genius's need help, they call Tech Superpowers). Their retail store/internet cafe is on Newbury Street.

Now for the question: Tech Superpower believes in conservation and taking care of our natural resources. With their Zero Carbon Initiative, they're aiming to offset what percent of our yearly emissions? (hint: the planet is part of our larger community)

Email your answers to designbostonblog@gmail.com from now until midnight, Wednesday, November 7.

Good luck to all the entrants!