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Friday, September 28, 2007

Talking Sustainability with GM

Earlier today, I had the chance to sit down with Jay Ferraro and Adam Denison from General Motors. They're in town as part of the AltWheels Festival.

Over lunch at the Union Oyster House, we discussed the steps GM is taking to become more sustainable. Check this out:

  • By 2012, 50% off all GM vehicles will be able to run on ethanol (There are already 2.5M "FlexFuel" vehicles on the road now).
  • Chevy is launching hybrid versions of the Tahoe SUV and Malibu sedan. The Malibu Hybrid gets as good gas mileage as the Camry Hybrid.
  • Saturn currently offers the Aura Hybrid sedan, and will be releasing the Vue Hybrid compact SUV for 2008.
  • Chevy will reportedly begin production testing the plug-in Hybrid Volt (it goes up to 40 miles before it uses any gas!) by this time next year.
Since this is a design blog, let me point out, the new Malibu is a great looking sedan. Smooth lines, a quality interior - this is not your old Celebrity.

The AltWheels festival is running through tomorrow at City Hall Plaza.

Here is a commercial that GM made for the Volt - a car that's not even "officially" slated for production...


maverick9465 said...

Nice green GM logo! That's an interesting commercial isn't it? Thanks for coming to lunch!

maverick9465 said...

Oh and don't forget about the GMC Yukon Hybrid. Also a full-size SUV.

Sonciary Honnoll said...

That's very cool. We're all about sustainability!

Anonymous said...

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