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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

CW Quinn

Right down the street from the Brookline Village T stop (across the street from my school), sits a tiny store front. A few weeks ago, a sign went up: "CW Quinn - Heirlooms for the 21st Century". There was nothing inside, though. I was intrigued.

One day, I walked by, and the space was filled with gorgeous furniture. But the door was locked. I wanted to check this place out!

Today, Ben Durrell (whom I've posted about previously), sent me a link to the website, with "beautiful store front. have not looked inside yet. opening event this weekend."

I looked over the site, and Ben wasn't lying. The opening reception is this Saturday, September 8, from 4-8pm.

Charles Quinn is the owner of CW Quinn (obviously, right?). A successful architect and product designer, he has now ventured into custom modern furniture made with "time-tested, labor-intensive handcraft processes".

I won't be able to make the reception (it's my son's birthday), but look forward to visiting Charles in the near future.

CW Quinn
2 White Place
Brookline Village, MA 02445

1 comment:

william morrison said...

I attended the opening yesterday (Sept. 8) and it was an excellent afternoon. His furniture is even better up close than seen through a window. Chuck is a truly gifted designer and master artisan, and I make this statement as a classmate of his in the Cabinet and Furniture Program at the North Bennet School in Boston. It would definitely be worth your while to contact him and to visit his website!