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Monday, November 06, 2006

"A Yankee Amendment" @ Vessel

A while ago I posted about Vessel, the fresh product design firm and gallery that reopened downtown. Ben Durrell, a local furniture designer, tipped me off about "A Yankee Amendment", a set of his work, that is currently showing at Vessel. He also gave me a link to the flickr set of his work.

"A Yankee Amendment" takes a look at what it is to be a Yankee. "Each piece highlights what I consider a Yankee outlook on life: hard work and dedication to task breeds clean souls and healthy homes." "Lobster Trap", above, is "a halfway point on the way to the dumpster", where you can put those things that you don't need, but can't seem to let go of. I'm sure if you look around your house, you can relate to the idea that is being presented here.

"A Yankee Amendment" is showing at Vessel through November 22. Vessel is located at 125 Kingston St. in downtown Boston.

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