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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Elsewares' Wee Ninja

I love decor8. Holly posts some of the best finds. Yesterday, she let us know about Elsewares, purveyors of "independent art & design". Amongst the items she featured was the Wee Ninja, a plush "action figure" handmade in Chicago. Proving not only an eye for design, but also for comedy, Elsewares has just about the best write up ever:

Wee Ninjas spend most days training, and most nights ninjaing! When not ninjaing, they can be found perfecting the art of the Stealth Hug and other ultra-secret moves, such as the Sneak Snuggle and the Fists of Tickle Fury. It is quite rare to find Wee Ninjas outside of their native and peaceful Ninjatown, but they adapt well to fun and loving homes. Ultra-secret moves only used for good, of course.

If you're thinking of things to get me for Christmas, this would be perfect!

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thanks gradon! we love the wee ninja too, and they're all handmade by the designer.