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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

TrueModern Twin Bed

Design Public announced the launch of a new series to their awesome lineup of modern furniture. Husband and wife designers Edgar and Julia Blazona started TrueModern, a group of modern kids' furniture and bedding hip enough to get ModMom's attention.

TrueModern's bedding has some great color combinations: blue and lime, and pink and orange (they also have the more mundane brown, and pink). They have matching sheets; quilts and shams; and duvets.

They also have very nicely designed dressers, a nightstand, and a bookcase, but my favorite piece is the twin bed. A platform bed set 9-inches off the ground with some very mod wood legs, this would look great in my son's room (too bad they don't have a bunk bed version).

1 comment:

modmom said...

those are nice!
thank you for the heads up!