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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

DWR's (Cool) Stuff to Give

DWR's latest email campaign is portraying itself as where to find the cool stuff to give this holiday season. True, they have some amazingly cool items, but I don't think anyone is going to dig deep and surprise me with something as expensive as an Eames LCW (not that I would deny such a gift - hint, hint).

Although their Gifts page includes such extravagances as the $2,490 Cellula Chandelier, I believe their true aim is the more budget friendly items, like George Nelson's book, How To See ($29.95), the Eames House of Cards ($35), or the Films of Charles and Ray Eames ($80). I think either of these would make great gifts for the design fan in your life.

For those that aren't necessarily design fans, but appreciate well designed objects, perhaps they might like the Cristal Water Carafe by Marcel Wanders (on clearance for only $39.95), or the Eclipse Lamp ($98), or the Crystal Marquis Desktop Globe ($168).

Maybe I won't get a me-sized one, but I can always wish for a Vitra Miniature Eames LCW ($175).


modmom said...

i've posted most of the eames films to my blog from youtube.
i'd like to see that george nelson book!

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