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Friday, November 10, 2006

Adam in Somerville makes AT finals

As I mentioned, ApartmentTherapy has been running the second annual Falls Colors Contest. 60 entries each for the three AT Cities - NY, SF, LA, and Chicago - gave you a chance to see some good, some great, and some "Ohmahgawd! Who would ever do that?!" examples of people's use of color. One entry that proved good enough to be the first finalist announced was Adam's Kaleidoscope, from right here in greater Boston - Somerville, actually. Adam shows great use of color, an obvious Eames fetish, and best of all, as he said in the comments for his finalist entry, he did it on a limited budget. Now it's up to AT's judges to decide if his entry is worthy of winning a $2500 CB2 shop card. Good luck Adam!

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