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Thursday, November 02, 2006

A Chestnut Hill home in NYT's Home & Garden

Today's New York Time's Home & Garden section featured a story on a local modern home. Molly Schaffer and her husband, Jeffrey Wallen, bought the Barnet Yanofsky house, built in Chestnut Hill in 1957 and designed by famed modern architect Paul Rudolph. This is one of only three Paul Rudolph houses in New England, one of which is set to be demolished this winter.

Over the last eight or so years, the pair have restored the house to it's original splendor. They have made a few modifications to the original design, such as pitching the flat roof for water drainage; enclosing the more Florida-friendly car ports; and replacing the vinyl floors with bamboo (because the original vinyl wasn't available anymore). Beyond that, the house is as it was in 1957, right down to the vintage Western-Holly wall oven!

Far too often, people are willing to throw money at a house to make it fit whatever trend is in at the time. I applaud the owners' attempt to respect and maintain the architect's original vision of the house.

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