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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Design 2.0 at Vessel

Wow, can I ever stop talking about Vessel? I guess not, since I keep finding great things about them. Next week, Vessel will be hosting Core77's "Design 2.0: Discussions on Design Strategy & Innovation". It's a one day panel discussion open to design professionals and students "on the opportunities and imperatives ahead."

As products and systems become smarter and more technologically imbued, the mandate of the designer is thrown into question. If we can make anything, what should we make? And if all of our activities have consequences — environmental, economic and social — what are the opportunities for moving positively into the future? How can we balance serving interests with setting agendas? Join us for a panel discussion on the front lines.

Design 2.0 is going to be held Wednesday, November 15, from 1:00 to 4:30, with a cocktail reception following. The panelists will include MIT Media Lab's John Maeda; Natalie Jeremijenko from UCSD and NYU; Bill Cockayne of Change Research, Inc.; and GreenBlue's Jason Pearson. Tickets are $175 (only $50 for students, but they're sold out). Vessel is at 125 Kensington St. in downtown Boston.

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