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Friday, October 27, 2006

One night, two parties

Last night I was lucky enough to attend two happening events in the city with a couple friends. The first was Modern Design 25, a dual celebration for both the opening of Alno's newest showroom in the Boston Design Center, and for Metropolitan Home's 25th anniversary. Alno, from Germany, is a designer and manufacturer of modern kitchens. Their pieces have a wonderful, modern look and feel about them. Bang & Olufsen had two spectacular A/V setups in the showroom; Bodum provided the glassware for the open bar, as well as had a table featuring their beautiful coffee and tea presses and pots; and Audi had an A6 Avant and Q7 SUV parked out front.

We had a chance to meet and briefly speak with Met Home's Senior Editor of Design & Architecture, Susan Victoria. She seems to be a very nice, intelligent woman. She's had a long history in the design and journalism industries; I would love to sit with her and learn one-tenth of what she knows!

After that, we went to the Oktoberfest party at Boston Art, Inc. BAI helps "Corporations, Healthcare Providers, Hotels, Building Owners and Residential clients when they need well-chosen art to successfully complete their relocation or renovation." It was an odd mix of young, hipster artists and older business people amongst some amazing local art. BAI has an incredible office in a converted mill building on Congress St. that I wouldn't mind spending some considerable time in.

All in all, a great night.


Athalie said...

It must be nice knowing fabulous people with amazing connections (smirk)

modmom said...

you do get around!

Gradon said...

It helps to have fabulously well connected friends like Athalie!