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Thursday, October 05, 2006


I got home from Connecticut earlier this afternoon. Instead of staying inside and checking my email, I decided to enjoy the clear fall weather and head into the South End to check out a shop I've walked past several times, but never had the chance to stop in. Uniform is on Tremont Street, right next to DWR.

Gary Ritacco, the owner, was manning the counter as I walked in. He gave a friendly greeting as I entered, and allowed me to browse around as much as I please. The first thing I noticed was how well designed the place is; everything, from the layout to the materials used in building the store, was beautiful. And the clothes were amazing. Thinking of something to get me for Christmas? Get it here. The store "specializes in urban quality casual clothing and accessories that are fashion oriented, value driven, and utilitarian in nature," from brands like Spiewak, Victorinox (Swiss Army), Frietag, and Art of Shaving, among others.

The South End is such an amazing neighborhood, filled with shops, restaurants, theaters, and street after street of Brownstones, it's a great place to go and enjoy the weather. Uniform fits into the neighborhood perfectly.

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