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Monday, October 23, 2006

The Ultimate Loft

Earlier today, I saw an ad link in my Gmail account above the inbox listed as The Ultimate Loft. Curious as to what loft might qualify as the ultimate, I clicked away.

If your definition of the ultimate loft is a gritty artist's loft ripped straight from NYC's Leather District, this isn't for you. This 2400 sq. ft., bi-level loft sits in the heart of Boston's trendiest neighborhood, the South End, in the Laconia Lofts building.

The 19 foot ceilings and 12 foot windows are quite impressive. The master bathroom with its double shower is even more impressive. So is the 1000 sq. ft. roof deck. But at $1.39 million, it's a bit far from my ultimate price range.


angelune said...

ugh, that is definitely NOT my idea of an ultimate loft. there seems to be so much wasted space and even though I like the idea of 'industrial' I don't like that vinyl flooring.

angelune said...

sorry - I don't want to be negative without offering something positive. This: http://toronto.craigslist.org/apa/229759652.html
is more what I think of when I hear 'ultimate' loft.

Gradon said...

The floors aren't vinyl; they're polished concrete. Maybe not the best bet for the harsh Boston winters, unless they installed radiant heating (which I'm sure would have been listed on the sales site).

I really like the loft you linked to. And $1500/mo is a lot closer to my ultimate price range - a lot more if that's in Canadian currency!