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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Kelinia de Paris

I'm working in Connecticut for the week. Yesterday evening, instead of slowly rotting away in the Howard Johnson in Darien, I hopped on a train and rode into New York. While boarding the train, I noticed a young woman struggling with her pocketbook, a shoulder bag, and two BIG suitcases. I, being the chivalrous man my mother raised me to be, helped her carry the bags onto the train.

Once we got into Grand Central Station, I helped her from the train to the sidewalk where she could catch a cab. Talking while walking, she told me her name was Katie, and that she lives in Paris. She's lived there for 6-1/2 years, where she's a fashion designer. She is half of Kelinia; her partner is Emma, who is a native to France. "Two designers, two languages and two different cultures brought together in the 'capital of fashion'".

Kelinia makes wonderful, airy, colorful clothing, but, like countless other young fashion houses, hasn't had the chance for a breakout moment just yet. Their clothes are currently available in three European countries and Japan, but is looking for an American distributor. Do you know anyone that can help them out?


Athalie said...

I love their use of pattern. WOW is all I can say....just beautiful!

modmom said...

i'm going to check out her site.
that's a beautiful top.
you have great taste prince charming.