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Friday, September 29, 2006

Vessel Boston reopens

My friend Chris from DWR on Tremont St told me about the reopening of Vessel's flagship Boston location. Vessel is a product design firm with some brilliant pieces for your home. From dinnerware, to lighting, to furniture and more, they've got an intriguing take on what you're looking for, with nearly the perfect blend of form and function - after all, what good is it if it doesn't do something?

The reason Vessel is reopening is because, after being open less than a year, they outgrew their space and had to expand. Pretty impressive! Aside from more room for their products, they have also included exhibit space to "feature rotating exhibits curated by Vessel founders, Duane Smith and Stefane Barbeau. The first exhibit will introduce new work by local furniture designer, Ben Durrell."

Vessel Boston reopened as of yesterday (a day late, a dollar short, right?), and they're having a reopening celebration and exhibit launch party on October 19. They are located at 125 Kingston St, in the Financial District. If you can't make it there, you can also get Vessel products from various retailers, like Koo de Kir in Beacon Hill, the Institute of Contemporary Art (once it opens) on the Waterfront, or Whole Food Markets throughout New England.

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