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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Urban Gnomes

You live in the city. You've got a little garden, a patch of green against the urban grey landscape. What do you add to your garden to spice it up, make it yours? One of those little gnomes? Uh uh. A flamingo? Heck no! No, you're going to add an Urban Gnome!

Found via electro^plankton, they're called Gno, they are one of a few new products from Vitamin Living that do very well following the company's motto: "A Life Less Ordinary". The come in an assortment of styles. Personally, I would go with either the goofy, toothy love gno, or these mean looking gno's. Nothing keeps the rodents out like an army of Gno's with the punisher face!


Melissa said...

Hi Gradon

Thanks for the McCobb links!


David said...

if I was not a poor starving author with far too many things cluttering up the desk, I'd be going for the scary Punisher versions.