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Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Real Green Monster

My friend Nathalie emailed me an interesting article from Architectural Record: The Red Sox are making Fenway Park greener.

The Red Sox are planning to add photovoltaic panels and make additional green improvements with advice from the Natural Resources Defense Council. Although there is not yet a standardized way of greening a stadium, the Sox join a host of other ball clubs pursuing LEED-inspired, or LEED-aspiring projects including the Washington Nationals, Minnesota Twins, New York Yankees, and New York Mets.

I'm happy to see that many teams are finding ways to reduce energy and water use, reduce CO2 emissions, and implementing green lawn care for the fields. But other teams are going green by building new stadiums; the energy consumed building a new stadium virtually nullifies the improvements put in place. Keeping Fenway Park is probably the most environmentally friendly move the Red Sox can make.


Anonymous said...

Green is misspelled in your headline.

Warren said...

Red Sox: Leading the league in other important things, too. The sign of a true champion!

Gradon said...

I can't even blame the time of day for that mistake! Thanks for pointing it out!