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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dinner with Bloggers

Last week, I was invited to a group dinner hosted by a few people from GM's New Media team, including Adam Denison, who I met in September. Also invited was Aaron Tang, who writes the designverb blog, and Erin Kane and Kristin Brandt, creators of the Manic Mommies podcast.

The idea of dinner with an industrial designer, two working mothers (Erin is a PR rep, Kristin is in advertising), three reps from a corporate giant, and an interior design student seems a bit strange, but it was a great time. Everyone was excited to see the ways that Web 2.0 is connecting the world, from blogs to podcasts to even microblogs like Twitter.

Also, congratulations to GM for winning an award of excellence from the Society for New Communications Research. Good job, guys!


maverick9465 said...

Thanks, Gradon. Glad you had a good time. It's always interesting to get together with others in the social media realm and hear what they have to say. Thanks for the congrats on our award!

ai said...

so good. i have no chance to do like you. anyways good luck

Kristin - Manic Mommies said...

Was that this month? December has been a blur of meetings, sick days, shopping and laundry.

Erin and I really enjoyed meeting you, and look forward to seeing you at future meet ups.

Happy New Year!

Gradon said...

I enjoyed meeting you as well! I hope you and the little ones have a great Christmas and happy New Year!