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Friday, December 29, 2006

Just Scandinavian

Disclaimer: This post has nothing to do with Boston, a little to do with New York, and everything to do with Scandinavian design.

I spent a few days in New York last week for work. During one the evenings I was off I took the subway from my hotel near JFK into Manhattan. I got off in Soho and walked south, into Tribeca. I wasn't looking for anything in particular, just kind of seeing what was going on on a Wednesday night. I happened upon this charming little store called Just Scandinavian.

As you can guess by the name, they sell a wide variety of Scandinavian design items. They are the exclusive US distributor of Josef Frank textiles (photo above). A set of Frank's brightly colored lamp shades would at a touch of color to any boring beige decor.

I fell in love with the Corona Chair, designed by Poul M. Vother in 1961. In it's description on the website, it says "This design is inspired by time-lapsed photographs of solar eclipses." It's available in a variety of colors and fabrics, but I think that orange would great with my dark blue sofas.

Just Scandinavian
161 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10013


pinkmohair said...

Love the chair and the idea behind it. Definitely orange with the dark blue sofas. Unless, of course, they have a fuzzy pink one...

My Marrakech said...

That corona chair is so lovely. I would like it in green. It reminds me of a fern leaf.

PS I from Boston, too (Wellesley really) but living in Marrakesh now.

modmom said...

i love that chair too.
i've got a picture of it on my computer

cleo said...

I fell in love with it when I saw a red leather version of it in a shop some years ago. I couldn´t affordit, but my mother saw that I was drooling over it. :-) On my 40th birthday they delivered it, together with the footstool, as a gift from my mother. I couldn´t believe my eyes! It is soooo beautiful. I´m still in love with it. :-)Great blog of yours. First time I am here today. I have a design blog as well, in Swedish, most of the times. But the links and the pictures are in a universal language.

Anonymous said...

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