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Monday, December 04, 2006

Uni Architecture's XS House

While waiting for my flight home yesterday (it was delayed 2-1/2 hours), I picked up the December issue of Wallpaper magazine. Wallpaper is a British magazine that concentrates on "International Design, Interiors, Fashion, Travel." Within the issue was an article on three houses across the world that incorporate wood - one of the oldest building materials around - in a truly modern way.

One such house is right next door, in Cambridge. Uni Architects, a small local firm that does architecture, design, and real estate development, built the 1000 sq. ft. XS house by twisting each of the three levels "to create four skylights on each level." By doing this, the house gets plenty of natural light (in fact, probably more than most triple-deckers in Greater Boston) without the need for a lot of windows.

They finished the building in okoume, a specialized plywood typically used in boat building.
"The grain is broad and pronounced, creating the appearance of a huge piece of furniture, and its almost windowless facades intrigue and seduce."

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decor8 said...

hi grady
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