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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Goodbye Jimmy's Harborside

The Boston Globe reports today that the former warehouse building that has housed Jimmy's Harborside Restaurant (a.k.a. "Home of the Chowder King" - please pronounce that in a proper Boston vernacular when you read it) for over 50 years is beginning to be torn down today. In it's place will be a development of two buildings, including up to four restaurants.

There is a possibility that Jimmy's will reappear in one of the new buildings, but as the waterfront continues to move from the home of Boston's fishing
industry to a more affluent, tourist driven area (and possible home to the next City Hall) may price the inexpensive, family-oriented restaurant out of the market.

Now, I can't say I've ever eaten at Jimmy's. No, I grew up in the suburbs, and the only time I came into the waterfront to eat was when my parents brought me to Anthony's Pier IV after my Confirmation. And I know that something needs to be destroyed in order for something else to be built. But my parents, both from around the city, and especially my dad (who's a fisherman at heart) have fond memories of Jimmy's. Even if it comes back, it won't be the same to them.

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