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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Identity5 Wall Art

Wow, 6 posts in two days. Something must have lit a fire you-know-where!

Actually, I was feeling a little sluggish just a few minutes ago. I was seriously thinking a nap would do me good. But then I got the Design Public newsletter, and POW! I was awake!

No, it wasn't the email itself, but what it introduced me to. Identity5 makes some of the coolest, mod-inspired wall art I've seen in some time. I bet mod*mom would like these. The bold, colorful graphics are printed on heavy canvas with museum-quality archival inks. Each print is available in a variety of sizes, from 24"x32" to 42"x56", and can come either framed or not. Prices range from $270 to $650.


decor8 said...

Hi Grady!
Hope all is well. How's Crate and Barrell treating ya? Are you still working there or has seasonal employment ended or??

Have you been over to the ICA yet? I blogged about it a few days ago... what did you think about it overall? curious to get your thoughts.


modmom said...

hi there!
i do like those mod graphics
+ that's a great post!
are you getting ready for valentine's day?
i'm getting over a cold like holly has, so i hope i get a fire lit tonight + post some great stuff!