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Friday, May 23, 2008

Dwell on Design: Get in for free!

Are you tired of this slow coming, should-be-warm-but-haha-on-you-it's-still-cold, spring? Want to go somewhere with actual heat, and hang out with like-minded design addicts? If this is you, head to LA in two weeks for the 3rd annual Dwell on Design conference, exhibition, and home tour.

For this year's conference, Dwell's editors have lined up over 50 speakers, including urban gardening advocate Fritz Haeg, and prefab queen Michelle Kaufmann, "discussing everything from urban gardening to a mandated LEED program for LA."

The Dwell on Design exhibition will showcase everything you ever wanted to know and find about modern design, all in one place. Over 200 exhibitors - architects, designers and other industry professionals - will line the Los Angeles Convention Center. There will be "an entire neighborhood of full-scale pre-fab structures completely landscaped and furnished by Dwell." This I would love to see.

At some point, you'll want to catch some of the SoCal sunshine, right? There will be tours of unique modern single family and multi-unit residences in and around LA. Forget Hollywood and all that jazz - this is the kind of tour I'd like to go on.

Alas, I won't be making the trip out to LA. But you can, and on the cheap too! Go to the Dwell on Design registration page. Click to register for the exhibitions, put BDODEC in the "Priority Code" field, and you're in for free. Or, click to register for the conference, put in GRP22SP, and save $50 off that price. Pretty. Sweet. Deal.

If you go to Dwell on Design, send me some photos and tell me what you thought of the event!

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