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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Mr. Impossible arrives in Boston

This is the kind of headline that should be in the Globe or Herald, but they're too busy worrying about reverends and the election.

Phillipe Starck's Mr. Impossible chair, the star of last year's ICFF, is now available for purchase at Kartell.

The $490 chair is dubbed Mr. Impossible because this construction process has never been done before. It consists of two layers of polycarbonate - a clear bottom and a translucent, colored top. The two layers were to be bonded together by a laser, but laser can't do it's job if it can't "see" what it's hitting (because the two layers are see-through). Kartell developed an element that is invisible to the eye, but not to the laser, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Mr. Impossible is available in nine different colors and sells for $490. The two layers only touch at the edges of the chair, so you sit on negative space. The clear legs add to a sense of floating.

I sat on Mr. Impossible at ICFF 2007 have can attest to it being not just super cool looking, but stable and very comfortable as well. It's ultra modern design will fit well in any manner of forward-thinking home.

Kartell Boston
10 Saint James Avenue
Boston, MA 02116


Warren said...

Not only is this a very cool chair, but the manufacturing process is fantastic.

Kartell and Starck in particular, are always pushing the envelope.

The chair does look like it was derived from its cousin, Ero/S, don't you think? That by the way, is part of Kartell/ Starck's collaboration:
La Marie to Louis Ghost to Victoria Ghost to Charles Ghost, for example. Does keep the costs down, though.

Gradon said...

I was in the Kartell store on St. James St today and noticed the two chairs in the same space. The Mr Impossible certainly has a "family resemblance" to the Ero/S.

Tim (@Twalk) Walker said...

That is one shizznit cool chair. Wow.

Residential Interior Design Scotland said...

The chair is gorgeous! very unique, original, and it looks lovely. It would go perfectly in a modernized home.