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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

East Teak Fine Hardwoods, Inc.

I'm a bit behind in my reports back from Residential Design & Construction. After looking over all that I collected while I was there, I decided to highlight a few of the companies that really stood out to me. Of course I was looking for great design ideas, but also environmentally conscious companies as well.

The first company that I met with was East Teak Fine Hardwoods, Inc. The nation's largest importer of teak and other exotic hardwoods, the company started out supplying boat builders, as teak is outstanding for its water-resistance.

After dominating the boating industry, East Teak ventured into the world of building construction. In it's media kits, East Teak says "the company is the leading supplier of First European Quality teak and exotic hardwoods for construction and renovation of:

  • residences, both interiors and exteriors
  • commercial buildings, including boardrooms, courthouses and concert halls
  • hotels, from lobbies to restaurants
  • boats, both decking and interiors
Obviously, teak is the main wood that they supply. But they also offer a wide range of "exotic" (South American, African, and Asian) hardwoods, including Ipé, Cumaru, Afrormosia, Merbau, and Sapele.

The aspect of their business that I am most impressed by is their line of FSC-certified 100% recycled & reclaimed teak and rosewood. Teak that was cut when the trees were 200+ years old, then used for 100+ years, are coming back to be reused in new applications. The coloring of it is a beautiful grayish brown. The moment I saw it, I could only think of how much fun the Danes would have making furniture with it!

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