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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sustainable Construction Services Inc

What do you think about this kitchen? Your typical, modern kitchen, with plenty of stainless steel and dark wood accents? You wouldn't be wrong if that was your guess, except for the typical part.

This kitchen was refurbished by Sustainable Construction Services Inc, a Boston-based "green" contractor. SCSI "performs high quality construction with a goal to maximize a home's efficiency and effective use and minimize its polluting and toxic effect (i.e. mold, fiberglass dust, led, toxic gases, energy loss, greenhouse gas emotions)."

I met with a couple SCSI reps at Residential Design & Construction last wee, and spoke to Daniel Glickman, the Founder and General Manager or SCSI, yesterday; he is incredibly knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the green industry. The best thing is, a green design/build company (that does incredible work) is right here in the city.

"Green" design has been a growing trend over the last several years, and it is something that I don't see going away, but rather becoming a more standardized practice. Companies, like SCSI, that have jumped on this early wave of enthusiasm for environmentally conscious design and construction, will be leaders in the new industry.

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Anonymous said...

This kitchen is looking good.