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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Question: Ideas for wedding location?

This question just came in, and it's such a great question that just couldn't post it right away:

Hi there,

I have a bit of an odd question for you. I came across your blog and noticed your affinity for modern architecture and design (me too!). I'm looking for a contemporary or industrial space in the greater Boston area to host a wedding. I wondered if you might know of any interesting spaces? Any insights or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

For a contemporary space, I would guess the new ICA, or the Intercontinental Hotel, could be worth looking into. For industrial space, I'm not sure.

Does anyone else have ideas for Kate?


Anonymous said...

Charles River Museum of Industry is a pretty cool space.

decor8 said...
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smitty said...

Space Other gallery on Wareham Street in the South End. www.spaceother.org
My husband and I had our belated wedding reception/party there. Depends on how many people you plan on having but we comfortably fit 60-70. Mark the manager/owner/curator is super nice and the space is pretty affordable - like $1000/night.

keira said...

This is outside of Boston, but for an interesting industrial space Mass MOCA cant be beat. http://www.massmoca.org/

Some friends of mine got married there a few years ago and it was amazing. Plus, everyone stayed at the Porches Inn across the street, which was perfect. Good Luck!

Kathryn said...


We just checked this brand new venue out called Artistry for a corporate party. Its a little too big for our group, but we were completely blown away by the space -- down in the Fort Point channel area. Its not cheap, but I haven't seen its equal in the Boston area and I do a lot of looking for event space. Good luck!