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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Moda Cucina

After eight years importing some of the best and most luxurious kitchens from Europe, Paul Hatziiliades decided he could do it on his own, locally. He started Moda Cucina, a new, high end kitchen design studio in the Boston Design Center.

Dana Zemack of Zemack PR told me, "Moda Cucina is not an importer – they custom design and build their cutting edge kitchens from start to finish in Boston using Boston design talent as well as a Boston-based green fabrication facility." Each kitchen is built with a superior level of workmanship, and every last detail can be customized.

Modern, green and local. Can it get any better?

Moda Cucina
Boston Design Center
One Design Center Place, Suite 628
Boston, MA 02210

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