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Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday Love List: Loungechair Edition

Inspired by blogging goddess and good friend Meg Fowler, I've decided to start a Friday Love List series. Sometimes every week, sometimes every now and again, but always on a Friday, I will show you what I love. Which is what a blog is all about, right? So, without further ado...

The lounge chair. So beautiful. So comfortable. So sophisticated. The kind of chair you can read in. Fall asleep in. Comfort the little ones in. The lounge chair is the king of the living room, and for that, I am giving it the honor of my first Friday Love List.

For the sake of fairness, and that EVERYONE has seen it before, I have decided to leave the king of lounge chairs (that would be the king of the kings of the living room, for those keeping score at home) out of the list.

Ready? Let's let the love flow...

K10 Dodo from Cassina
Oh. my. goodness. In general, I'm more of a fan of Scandinavian and MCM American furniture. But how can you deny this sexy Italian beauty? Wrapped in some of the softest leather (must have been some happy cows), this chair demands attention. The headrest and folds back (good for shorter people) and the footrest folds back under the seat. Sexy and functional. This particular chair was spotted at Montage on Arlington St. Bellisima!

MYO from Ligne Roset
"That chair is so chill," is the comment below my photo of MYO on Flickr. And it is. This chair isn't meant for business meetings. Look how far back that reclines. This is a "relax in the splendor that is your home" chair. Proof the French are more easygoing than us Americans. Available at Adesso on Arlington St.

Corona from Poul Volther
Here we go. Origninally released in 1961, Corona is an icon of Scandinavian modern design. The shape is simple: Four ovals held up by chrome steel supports. But wow, what a shape! This chair was spotted at Just Scandinavian on Hudson St in NYC.

What about you? Are there any lounge chairs that you love? If so, let us know! Let me know what you think of the new series, too!