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Friday, April 18, 2008

Vessel Dot-Spot Party Report - and a new store!

Okay, this is more than a week late. I apologize. Working 70 hours a week is doing no good for the whole consistent blogging thing. Are you looking for an intelligent, social, design addict for your company/firm/store? Yeah? Let me know! Anyway...

Last Thursday, Christopher and I joined some friends for the Dot Spot Party at Vessel, celebrating the addition of Blu Dot to the Vessel lineup.

Blu Dot, from Minneapolis, makes great furniture with a hip look and very clean, modern lines. Everything they make has a fun vibe to it. After meeting Blu Dot's CEO Maurice Blanks (that's him in the middle of the photo, with Christopher and his coworker Emily), it's no wonder why. A smart, affable guy, Maurice had no shyness about how the idea for Blu Dot came up (a backpacking trip across Europe with all that that entails...), and was more than happy to talk furniture, architecture, food.. you name it.

As with any Vessel party, the Dot Spot party was a fun time. Aside from all the great design items for sale, the store was filled with people enjoying the festivities. There was a raffle during the party to win a free Blu Dot Buttercup chair. I haven't gotten a call to say I've won, so I'm thinking I didn't.

Of course, the crew was in on the fun as well. I got a chance to reintroduce myself to Traci, aka the girl in the green dress, and I got the chance to meet Eric and Omar, who has quite the funny TMZ story - this isn't the first time he's held his hand up to block the camera! Go into Vessel and ask him, he'll tell you.

Speaking of the crew, everyone, meet Milisa. She is the first subscriber I have met in person. I know I'm supposed to act like I have thousands of adoring fans following me everywhere I go, but really, this was cool. Say hi, Milisa!

Oh, I can't forget: Vessel has opened a second location! They have taken over the space formerly occupied by Motley Home and whipped it into a Vessel. The next time you're on Tremont Street, check it out.

125 Kingston St.
Boston, MA 02111

652 Tremont
Boston, MA 02118

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