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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Hot Style Cool Price at BoConcept

If you're looking for a new sofa, April may be the perfect time.

For the month of April, BoConcept is offering 20% off all fabric indivi 2 sofas. The indivi 2, like all BoConcept pieces, has clean modern lines that fit a variety of spaces. Its aluminum legs lift the sofa, both physically and visually, making it appear to float above the ground.

The indivi 2 can be had in a multitude of figurations. That, and the choice of over 60 fabrics, means that BoConcept is sure to have just the right indivi 2 for you.

999 Mass. Ave
Cambridge, MA 02138


Anonymous said...

Issues with Bo - aside from attitude and ignorance: Ask what type of wood the frame of the their sofa's is made from. I was told pine, and the salesman didnt seem to understand the difference between hard and soft wood (insert pun here). Their catalog states 'wooden' frames, and alludes to hardwoods - but I'd be a little suspicious. At their pricepoints you want to buy something that will last a lifetime!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous. We actually bought an Indivi2 sectional sofa a few months ago, and were really disappointed to find it came delivered in several boxes (and we had to arrange our own delivery to the Cape...cost $350).

We had to attach the arms & legs and put the various pieces together, a process that took a couple of hours. Spending almost $4000 for a sofa you have to screw together with nuts and bolts is ridiculous!!!

On top of that, the sofa when put together looks cheap. It's not well made and from what I could see, the frame IS made of pine. Another problem...the corner piece dips on the sides so you don't get a nice clean straight line along the seating area. We didn't notice this when we saw it in the store, but went back after ours arrived and the store model was the same.

It's hard to find good quality, modern furniture at a decent price point. But, even with 20% off I don't think I would buy one of BoConcept's sofas again! And, unfortunately, I think it's highly unlikely that this one will last a lifetime!

Chris said...

Agree with comment #2.

I moved into a new condo and decided to buy everything new. I bought a bunch of stuff from BoConcept including a sofa and am not sure I'd do it again.

In my case the main problem I have is that sofa cushions don't retain their shape well - the more you sit on it the less it looks like the couch you picked out in the store.

On a positive note I'm pretty happy with most of the other items I bought, so it's not all BoConcept furniture.

Anonymous said...

Seeing these comments made, i have realized that i do also have many issues with Bo Concept.First is the knowledge of the salesman.Second, i should note that i have an entire condo filled with their furniture, so i think i can hold some valid points--The quality of the items are no better than Target, Ikea, Kohls, or any other stores like these. The only thing i can say is safe to buy is their vases, and other accessories. The prices are out of this world,and while i did know this,i expected the quality to follow suit.the wood is flimsy, and the leather they use is so sensetive to the slightest touch-cabinets slam shut, (when in the store they dont tell you that each item there has a soft close mechanism that does not come with all furniture)--the drawers come all the way out, and will fall off if you arent careful. Even though they charged a ton of money to get these delivered and put together, the installers are no better than anyone else that can use a screwdriver. buyers beware, and be smart when shopping there, (you can find the same items for HALF the price with a little effort)