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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Vessel Dot Spot Party - the Furniture Edition

I was just looking over my writeup of the Vessel Dot Spot Party and realized, for a celebration of a new line of furniture, there aren't any photos of the furniture! Well, let's fix that, shall we?

Blu Dot at Vessel

The Buttercup Chair

Oh man, I love this chair! The Buttercup's bent plywood shape owes a bit more than a nod to the Eames LCW, but sits more upright and swivels, giving it a different feel. This particular one was the raffle prize of the night. I talked to Stefan and Dwayne over the weekend, and alas, I didn't win it. There is a rumor floating around that there might be a monthly furniture giveaway at Vessel. If that happens, you heard it here first!

Couchoid Lounge Chair

The Couchoid line, both chair and sofa, have incredible, low lines and possess a laid back, chill attitude. And they're vegan too, covered in "a cow-friendly, flesh-free leather alternative." I have a few friends that would love that!

The Real Good Chair

Modern American design meets IKEA flat-packability. The Real Good chair is made of powder-coated steel. It arrives at your house flat; simply fold it along the laser-cut lines, attach the legs, and voila! a chair. By flat-packing it, the chair is super inexpensive, too - only $99! You can even by this off of the Vessel website.

Stella Chairs

Talk about a sweet lounge chair! Positioned to lean back just so, the chair is perfect for all those cocktail parties I know you throw. And covered in rich leather, it exudes just the touch of luxury that party needs.

Drift Credenza

If there's one fact in decorating your home, it's that you can never have enough storage. Enter the Drift credenza. With its gently curved grips made of bent plywood, the Drift is one smooth credenza - there are no knobs or handles to get in the way. Very cool.

Do you like what you see? Then go visit the gang at Vessel!

125 Kingston St
Boston, MA 02111


Meaghan C. said...

The credenza is perfect. Keeping my eye on that. Not sold on the couchoids, though....

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