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Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Drawing Pod

Architects, Designers, Illustrators: David Oliver has given you a gift.

The Cambridge-based designer, and one-half of From Concentrate, has developed the Drawing Pod. "The patent pending Drawing Pod is much more than a drafting tube. It opens lengthwise for easy access, and introduces a new level of fit, finish and functionality for carrying and presenting rolled documents."

Hinged end caps open so you can slide your documents and drawing in, as you would with a normal drafting tube. When it's time to get them out, though, the Drawing Pod opens lengthwise for easy access, and no crumpled or pinched papers.

The Drawing Pod comes in 36" and 18" lengths; both have a 3" inside diameter.

The Drawing Pod won a 2006 Good Design Award for Personal Equipment by the Chicago Athenaeum – Museum of Architecture and Design, and the Best New Product Award at NAMTA 2006, where it was first introduced. David was also at the ApartmentTherapy NY Design Meetup in May.

From Concentrate is currently ramping up production on the Drawing Pod, but you can get pre-order information on their sales page.

1 comment:

scrappy girl said...

Oh that is just the coolest thing ever. I'm not even an architect, but I have a million ideas for how I could use it. I could store collage things in it. Old manuscript pages from the publishing company I worked at when I graduated from college. Etc.