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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Question: Boston Area T-shirt Designer?

Another email that I feel you may be able to answer for me:


Great Blog. I wonder if you know anyone in Boston who designs, makes, and
then sells his/her own t-shirts. I am not familiar with the fashion scene
here in Boston but perhaps you know or can point me in the right direction.


Oscar, thanks for the compliment. I don't know any T-shirt designers off hand. Can anyone help Oscar out?


Sean said...


He is based in Fort Point and has some great t-shirt (as well ass other) designs.

dace said...

the bazaar bizarre website has a great list of local vendors for all kinds of stuff, including several t-shirt and clothing designers.

beachbungalow8 said...

shoot, when we lived in brookline, my husband had his own t-shirt company.

Anonymous said...

Check out www.artefacture.com

Artefacture is a design-conscious t-shirt company. The company is owned by Boston based graphic/product designer, Andreu Osika who is also the creative genius behind all the t-shirt designs.

Dana said...

Birdhead Design is local. I really like their designs. The designer is a really talented artist and also runs a graphic design firm here in Boston.