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Saturday, May 12, 2007


I was checking out brought to you by the letter L, and a cool little widget Lyn has to the right said something about scrap-wood skateboards. A former (or is it recovering from a life long addiction?) skateboarder, I was intrigued.

The widget directed me to Inhabitat, who featured Brooklyn-based Daniel Moyer's FunkinFunction Skateboards. A green-interested furniture designer, Daniel Moyer said in a recent Brooklyn Designs (a made-in-Brooklyn design show happening this weekend) interview, "I use small-mill, locally harvested hardwood for my furniture fabrication (no energy wasted in long haul transportation, fancy processing and kiln-drying). Making skateboards from the scrap is even greener, and using other makers' scrap is the greenest. Longboard skateboarding as a transportation alternative is just plain groovy."

Sure, $500 for a skateboard is a bit much, but let me ask you: How cool would it be to roll around on a skateboard made from hickory, oak, and walnut? How much would this kick up the cool factor in your place?


Anonymous said...

those boards look cool. you can't get that good a ride anywhere else. a board like that demands style in the ride.

Anonymous said...

yeah, i'd like to try and cruise on some hills out here. ski season is over except the backcountry. I'd like to try a board that has real power in the carve.

--tre, breck, CO

Anonymous said...

my buddy has one. they are totally sweet. I didnt expect it to rip. we carve down lookout mnt. every sunday morning before the bikes and cars hit it. check it out...7am, coffee or beer.

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