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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Jill Dryer

Jill Dryer contacted me through Dwell Connect. She is an artist based out of Chicago. She says her "pieces represent the balance between natural beauty and man-made beauty....so you'll see class design objects (mid-century) paired with classic animals." I love MCM design, so I had to check her work out.

Her "design meets nature" series is currently featured at Velocity Art & Design. It's a playful thought, since MCM was the first real push to factory-built design, and many of the pieces used industrial materials, like fiberglass, that are far from "nature".

She has two other series, "Birds" and "Musicians", available at her Etsy shop. This summer, her illustrations are going to be published in a children's book.

Jill, thanks for letting us know about your work!

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