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Saturday, May 19, 2007

ICFF Day 1

Probably the wrong title for this one, since I didn't actually go into the convention center where ICFF is going on today.

After waking up at 4:45, taking a 5-1/2 hour long bus ride into NYC, and making my way to Brooklyn, I finally got a chance to meet Catherine Halley, aka Scrappy Girl.

Instead of going back into Manhattan, Cathy and I walked in the rain through Brooklyn (if it weren't raining, I'd have taken some photos). Even with the foul weather, I had a great time seeing all the new sights, like the Brooklyn Parade Grounds and Prospect Park. If you haven't, I highly recommend spending some time in Brooklyn.

Around 5:00, we made our way into SoHo to attend an ICFF party at Moss. Moss is a gallery, a store that sells limited run furniture and design pieces (like the Lightlight chair, Nebula lamp, and Witch Chair, above), and is also an authorized Maharam textiles dealer. There I met Stephen Treffinger, a contributing editor for Domino (pictured below, with Cathy Halley).

After a while, we left Moss and headed to Kiosk, for an very popular party hosted by ID Magazine and Areaware. Talk about a packed house - the photo below is only half of the place. After the requisite hellos, we promptly said goodbye and got some fresh air.

Tomorrow, we go into Manhattan and the ICFF. I promise!


Linda Merrill said...

Fun! Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to your next posts!

Diana Coronado said...

Nice, nice blog!!