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Friday, May 18, 2007


Now here's a company that's right up mod*mom's alley. nurseryworks makes contemporary furniture, bedding and rugs for, you guessed it, the little ones. "(Co-owners Traci) Fleming and (Kaye) Popofsky Kramer launched their company to provide clean, simple, and modern furnishings for creating the ideal first environment, a vision that reinforced the nursery's relationship to the rest of the home decor." I'm quite excited to see their work at ICFF this weekend.


erinn said...

Very cool. Sometime check out http://www.the-truck.com/nurseryworks.html They are architects who have designed products and furniture. They've made a few pieces for nurseryworks.

modmom said...

you're right grady!
i do like nurseryworks + i'm just about a mod*mom giveaway they're sponsoring. come enter my father's day giveaways too + spread the word!
there's a modern fatboy headdemock hammock so far :)

modmom said...

oopa, didn't proofread that.
i'm going to post a mod*mom giveaway sponsored by nurseryworks :)