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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Thomas Watkiss

I met Thomas Watkiss through my job at Crate & Barrel on Boylston St. He recently moved to Boston after four years in Sweden.

Thomas is a talented painter and photographer; an audio producer, making ambient music; and a freelance sonic Creative Planner, providing "solutions for maximizing sonic presence."

Thomas' oil paintings are abstract, but (to my eye) have a somewhat environmental look to them. His photography gets you up close and personal with nature.

The way he went from painting to music production is quite interesting. "At the University of Pittsburgh I got into the ideas surrounding contemporary abstract painting and the possibilities of what the both artist and viewer can experience when confronted with something that is foreign. I naturally was interested in how this works with audio sources as well." He began using ambient sounds as part of his art work, and it progressed into a budding music career.

Thomas Watkiss is a truly talented artist. I am currently talking with him on procuring one of his pieces for my budding art collection. I think you should, too.

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Anonymous said...

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j. Madison Rink