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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Visit the Glass House

If you're looking for a great idea for a day or weekend trip to enjoy the warm weather, here it is: Philip Johnson's Glass House is now open to the public.

Located on 47 acres in New Canaan, CT (3 hours from Boston), the entire Philip Johnson estate is available for viewing. From within the Glass House, you can see many of Johnson's other creations: The Brick House, the yang to the Glass House's yin; the circular concrete pool; Lake Pavilion, "an experiment in pre-cast concrete located on a man-made pond just down a hill"; the Library/Study; and the Ghost House, "a barn-shaped folly made entirely of chain-link fencing — a wink at fellow architect Frank Gehry's use of everyday materials."

Three buildings you'll be able to go into, aside from the Glass House, is the Painting Gallery (1965), the Sculpture Gallery (1970), and Da Monsta (1995).

In order to keep things as intimate as Johnson intended them, attendance is limited to 10 people per tour, with six tours per day. Obviously, reservations are highly recommended. There are a variety of tour and group options available.

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