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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Linda Merrill

Linda Merrill emailed me to say she too was at Residential Design & Construction last month. Linda is the owner of Chameleon Interior, an Interior Design firm based on the South Shore, and runs not one, but two different design blogs.

::Surroundings:: is her primary blog that supports her design business. In it, she not only posts great new finds, but also tracks the progress of a project she is doing for WHDH-TV's "Room for Improvement".

Master Of Your Domain is her blog with Peg McGuire. They bill the blog as "Interior Design for the cute but clueless man". I like to think of myself as having a clue, but I've seen some of my friends' places, and they could use this blog. It's a fun look into what women think about men's abode's, with plenty of suggestions.

1 comment:

Linda Merrill said...

Gradon, thank you so much for this post! We Boston bloggers need to stick together! Hopefully we'll run into each other a Boston design event soon!