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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

McDonald's is Cut Off

"Would you like to supersize that? No, but I will invest in knockoffs".

At least that is what furniture producer Fritz Hansen is alleging that worldwide fast food giant McDonald's has done.

"Arne Jacobsen chairs, including The Egg, The Seven and The Swan are seen as timeless, elegant pieces of Scandinavian modernist design, and are an integral part of the McDonald's strategy to give its fast-food restaurants a facelift and revamp dull decor with upmarket designer fittings."

"However, Fritz Hansen has accused the company of installing "pirate" copies of the furniture in a number of stores. It said it was stopping deliveries to McDonald's immediately, even though it would cost the company "millions in lost sales"."The fact that McDonald's has chosen to use pirated copies is even more surprising since the company itself is legendary across the world in pursuing trademark and copyright suits to safeguard its product and name," stated a representative for Fritz Hansen.

Checkout the rest of the press release here.

Now...who's hungry?


modmom said...

i posted that knockoff london mcdonald's, then at:the nursery slinked my post, we didn't know about the knockoffs

(try turning off "word verification" jumbles, i turned it off months ago + i'm not getting spam)

this is my 3rd attempt at your jumble

Gradon said...

Thanks, I'll try not having the jumbles.