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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Eli Cedrone

The same night I met Carol Scalzo of Benedetto Imports, I was able to meet local artist Eli Cedrone (the two friends were dining together).

Through the use of varied color and texture, Eli’s “work increasingly bridges abstraction and realism. Abstraction is transformed into suggestions of person, place and human pathos. The figures in my work exist both in representational and tactile, painterly worlds. I’m constantly striving for a way to articulate this unique visual synthesis; from the monolithic to the corporeal.”

Her work is very often of public places such as restaurants, parks, or even on the sidewalk; it’s the energy that you can feel in certain places that she is trying to capture. The night that I met her, Eli kept leaving her table to take photos of the people drinking and socializing at the bar.

Eli’s work is currently on display that the Copley Society of Art on Newbury St.

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