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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

One More Reason to Shop at Whole Foods

A friend of mine on Twitter tipped me off to this interesting article: By Earth Day, 2008, Whole Foods Market will get rid of plastic bags in all 270 of its locations in the US, Canada, and the UK.

The Portland Business Journal reports that the Austin, TX-based grocer "is the first U.S. supermarket to commit to completely eliminating disposable plastic grocery bags. The company first eliminated disposable plastic grocery bags last year at stores in San Francisco, Toronto and Austin."

I use canvas bags when I go grocery shopping, or, if I forget those, I'll use the paper bags - they're great for putting our recycling in. WFM says that you will get a discount of "at least 5 cents per bag" when you use your own reusable bag. If you don't already have them, WFM sells reusable bags made from recycled plastic bottles for only $.99.

I applaud Whole Foods' decision. There are certain cities (like San Francisco) that are passing laws banning plastic bags, but if businesses start to do away with them voluntarily, that will make other large retailers (hello, Wal-Mart?) take notice.


Bag Monster said...

So I take it you don't like single-use bags? Nobody seems to want us around anymore... It's hard being a Bag Monster in the Age of Bag Bans! I can't even get a job because of convenient reusable ChicoBags.

For a good laugh (at my expense), and the latest info on Bag Bans with an entertaining twist, go to my blog: http://www.BagMonster.com

A blog illuminating one Bag Monster's story of freedom and oppression...

_tango! said...

"a friend"..do you mean me, tango! hahaha, i twittered, blogged, and broadcast it out when i found out..good stuff!