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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Wardrom by Paula

After reading about me needing hooks for my son’s room, my friend Brad emailed me this post from dezeen.

Paula, a collective of three young Roman designers, has introduced the Wardrom, a modular hook system “born to enhance DISORDER making it graphically catchy.”

“WARDROM is an object that invites throwing clothes as if it were a natural and instinctive act; wordrom is a vertical wardrobe for young and/or disorganised people of the new millennium, a modular flat wall accessory, made of semirigid PU macro-pils made to randomly house any type of clothing.”

My personality is a little too, well, neat to have this in my room. But how natural is it for a nine year old boy to take off his sweatshirt and simply toss it across the room? This could eliminate many potential arguments, no? I would love to know when and if this is going to be available for purchase.

Check out the video of the Wardrom in action:

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